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At 52 Weeks Financial, our priority is to provide advice and guidance unique to you. The four key benefits, seen below, capture our philosophy in assisting with setting & pursuing your financial goals. We want to listen to you, understand you, advise you, and generally help you protect your wealth and financial health.


The heart of financial planning isn’t about asset allocation and rates of return—it’s about you. Your financial plan must be tailored to put your wealth to work towards your unique ambitions and lifestyles.
Before we meet, we ask that you spend a little time reflecting on what’s truly important to you. Then we help guide you through a dedicated process designed to unearth details, create conversation, and build a solid base of shared understanding. We take a sincere, personal interest in each of our clients, striving to treat each one as we would like to be treated ourselves. An unparalleled level of personalized service sets us apart.


At 52 Weeks Financial, you don’t have to fit into any standardized portfolio or preconceived category. We take the time to listen and assess your current situation. We get to know you– not only as an investor, but as an individual. From this, each plan is strategically developed to reflect your needs, wants, goals and priorities on the path to your definition of financial freedom. As we travel through time with our clients, plans are adjusted and modified as life unfolds.


We hope you feel a certain comfort that comes from working with an experienced financial professional who‘s in your corner. Our committed teams’ varied skill-set means we often come to serve as a dedicated sounding board on a variety of issues. 

Wealth and the responsibilities that come with it can be extremely emotional. You need a resource to discuss a full range of financial and emotional ramifications for you and your family. Our ability to be there for customers whenever they need genuine, caring advice is one reason we are so passionate about our work.


Our team is your team. We offer a holistic approach to help simplify your life. 52 Weeks Financial works to support and help you coordinate services you may be receiving from other financial and business professionals such as your accountant, insurance agent, and other advisors. Above all, our goal is to help ensure that all such services you receive support the financial goals you’ve outlined to us.