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Mark Weeks and Hutson Mason talk about the financial landscape;

with a dash of sports.

What is happening with interest rates?

Episode 15: The Fed is purchasing a lot of treasures and mortgages. How does this affect inflation and equity prices? What can this mean for your mortgage rate?

This economic recovery is not like the others

Episode 14: Are we seeing a repeat of the 2008 rebound? Nothing about this period has been a ’normal’ economic or business cycle. Mark talks about how the current rebound is very different from those in the past.

Inflation is running hot. Is this going to continue?

Episode 13: Mark talks about how inflation is impacting us in the short term and what long-term challenges we could face as a result. What does this mean for you?

New numbers released and market volatility

Episode 12: New Numbers & Market Volatility. Surprise upside earnings, treasury yields, consumer price index. Hear about what these measurements mean in less than 3 minutes in this week's Weekly Sit-Down.

Panic at the pumps! Supply shortage update. 

Episode 11: We are seeing a shortage from an unexpected boom in demand. How do we face these supply challenges and market changes?

What’s this about tax hikes? And how is the recent infrastructure legislation going to impact us?

Episode 10: Government spending and taxes look like they will be on the rise based on legislation coming out of Washington. Hear Mark discuss how this could play out and how it could impact you and the economy in general. He also gives a weekly update on the markets.

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Stay Tuned! Mark will be joining Buck Belue and Hutson Mason for a weekly finance recap on Fridays, on the  Buck and Hut weekdays from 1 - 3pm. 

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