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All About Inflation

Episode 29: Consumer prices did not rise as high as anticipated, so some financial experts are relieved. With consumer prices still well above the federal target, discover how this may impact you in this weeks’ Weekly Sitdown.

Bull Market Continues

Episode 28: We are long overdue for a decline in the stock indexes. Will we see that decline any time soon and what adjustments can we make to our portfolios to brace for this change?

Pandemic Economy Recovery

Episode 27: There are new updates to the pandemic daily. With this volatility, is the economy ever going to fully recover and how should we prepare?

Stagflation on the Horizon?

Episode 26: Experts say stagflation is coming. What is stagflation and how do we prepare for it?

Are inflation rates and concerns on the rise?

Episode 25: Mark gives us a week’s worth of information about inflation rates and what assets are being held vs. moving in portfolios.

This week’s market update is packed full of info

Episode 24: Economic earnings, equity values and inflation may see some changes. How will distribution of resources from the government impact the market? Hit play and discover those answers with Mark in 2 minutes.

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