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Q&A: Should I Buy a House Right Now as an Investment Property?

The housing market is thriving in Atlanta right now, but is it really the ideal time to buy investment property?

Q&A: Where are we mid-2021 in regards to the housing market?

With hedge funds and private equity firms buying single-family homes at a premium, what does it mean for the future of homeownership?

Q&A: Are higher taxes on the way?

With tax season behind us, we have to wonder if there are signs pointing to upcoming higher taxes? If so, why and when are these changes coming?

Q&A: What are possible consequences of the recent anti-trust ruling?

How does the recent federal court case that dismissed some of the anti-trust lawsuits affect Facebook's stock market value? What does this mean for those who have stock in Facebook?

Q&A: How do I protect the gains that I’ve made (from the market run up)?

Mark gives advice regarding how each age group should approach the market run-up.

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